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7th EAI International Conference on Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime

October 6–8, 2015 | Seoul, South Korea

All accepted papers and posters (extended abstracts) are published in:

James, J.I. & Breitinger, F. eds., 2015. [Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime]( Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering. Available at:

Accepted Papers

  • **[Digital forensics education: a multidisciplinary curriculum model](**
    • Imani Palmer, Stefan Nagy, Gabriela Garcia, Elaine Wood, Lizanne Destefano, Roy Campbell and Masooda Bashir.
  • **[Development and Initial User Evaluation of a Virtual Crime Scene Simulator Including Digital Evidence](**
    • Alleyn Conway, Joshua I. James and Pavel Gladyshev.
  • **[Detection of Frame Duplication Type of Forgery in Digital Video Using Sub-Block Based Features](**
    • Vivek Kumar Singh, Pallav Pant and Ramesh Chandra Tripathi.
  • **[How Cuckoo filter can improve existing approximate matching](**
    • Vikas Gupta and Frank Breitinger.
  • **[Forensically Sound Retrieval and Recovery of Images from GPU Memory](**
    • Yulong Zhang, Baijian Yang and Marcus Rogers.
  • **[Advanced Techniques for Reconstruction of Incomplete Network Data](**
    • Petr Matousek, Jan Pluskal, Ondrej Rysavy, Vladimir Vesely, Martin Kmet, Filip Karpíšek and Martin Vymlátil.
  • **[Cyber Peacekeeping](**
    • Nikolay Akatyev and Joshua I. James.
  • **[Forensic Analysis and Remote Evidence Recovery from Syncthing: An Open Source Decentralised File Synchronisation Utility](**
    • Conor Quinn, Mark Scanlon, Jason Farina and M-Tahar Kechadi.
  • **[A Survey of International Cooperation in Digital Investigations](**
    • Joshua I. James and Pavel Gladyshev.
  • **[Awareness of Scam E-mails: An Exploratory Research Study (Part 2)](**
    • Tejashree Datar, Kelly Cole and Marcus Rogers.
  • **[Case Study of Authur Pendragon Cyber Threat: Socio-Psychological &]( [Communication Studies Perspectives](**
    • Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar, Ben Flores and Darrin Griffin.
  • **[Smartphone Verification and User Profiles Linking Across Social Networks by Camera Fingerprinting](**
    • Flavio Bertini, Rajesh Sharma, Andrea Iannì and Danilo Montesi.
  • **[Analysis of a HIKVISION DVR File System](**
    • Jaehyeok Han, Doowon Jeong and Sangjin Lee.
  • **[Exploring the Effectiveness of Digital Forensics Tools on the Sony]( [PlayStation Vita](**
    • Karolina Alvarez and Masooda Bashir.

Accepted Posters

  • **Recycling Personal Data: The Potential of Data Reuse in Digital Forensics and the Use Limitation Principle**
    • Bart Custers.
  • **Forensic analysis of Amcache.hve**
    • Moon-Ho Kim, Ji-Sung Choi and Sang-Jin Lee.
  • **Reliability Research about Evidence Acquisition method of Mac Device**
    • Jisung Choi, Dohyun Kim and Sangjin Lee.