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8th EAI International Conference on Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime

September 28–30, 2016 | New York City, United States

Full Disk Encryption Password Cracking Workshop


The 1h workshop will provide a quick blueprint about recent work Ventura has done on Incident Response and cyber investigations to crack Full Disk Encryption volumes. In order to achieve that, some password attacking tactics will be addressed as well as some novelties in the password cracking philosophy given new paradigms (case context, cloud, etc).


Learning objectives:


- Current challenges in Full Disk Encryption password cracking

- Password cracking strategy - think like a hacker

- New FDE password cracking tactics considering new technologies and attacks (together with own Ventura experience):

 - GPU / lab gear

 - Software (Ventura patch to oclHashcat and oclHashcat itself)

 - Cloud

 - OCR

- How to get the most amount of information to feed into the right password cracking tactic


About Domingo Montanaro


Recognized cyber security leader with strong public, private, and academic background including academic positions at highly respected universities, public service educating law enforcement, and private corporate work.


Co-founder and CEO of Ventura Enterprise Risk Management. Have previously founded, managed, and successfully sold private companies.


Proven expertise in computer forensics and cyber threat intelligence including over 50 presentations at computer security conferences worldwide (HITB Malaysia, XCon China, SAS Mexico, CyberWar Tactics Symposium USA, HITB UAE, Ekoparty Argentina, VNSECON Vietnam, etc). Drove the technical effort that led to over 200 arrests for cyber crimes in the last 15 years.